How to Properly Care for Your New Marvelous Marble Kitchen Countertops

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Marble is a favorite type of material for kitchen countertops, but it does require expert installation and specialized cleaning. Each piece of natural marble is unique, and it requires a special cutting process to make it fit properly over the kitchen’s cabinets. The technicians will also use the proper adhesives to attach different sections of the marble countertop together. Here is how you can care for the marble countertop in the kitchen so that it remains beautiful.

Use Protective Devices on the Marble Countertops

Prevent scratches on the marble countertops by using protective devices for your small appliances, food canisters and pans. You can find washable platforms for the countertops, or alternatively, you can use absorbent kitchen towels or drying mats on the surfaces. By doing this, you can avoid having etching marks on the attractive marble countertop surfaces in your home’s kitchen.

Buy the Proper Cleaning Products

Don’t use abrasive cleaning products on the marble countertops in your home’s kitchen because the substances will degrade the natural stone. Mix a mild dish detergent with warm water to sanitize the marble countertops. Experts recommend using a soft cloth or sponge rather than washing the countertop with a rough towel. In addition, rub gently on the marble countertops to avoid damaging the items.

Prevent Damage during Upgrades

During a kitchen remodeling process, you will want to protect the marble countertops from any damage. The technicians shouldn’t place their tools on top of the marble countertops, and it is also essential to protect the sides or edges of the material. Cushioning the countertops with layers of paper, fabric and plastic is essential to avoid any damage to the marble surfaces.

Cornstarch for Absorbing Spilled Debris

If you spill beverage or food debris on the marble countertops, then you should sprinkle cornstarch on the substances to absorb it. This can prevent a larger stain on the countertop, but you must work quickly. For a deeper stain, you can create a paste of baking soda and water to place on the stain before rubbing it away softly.

Application of Sealants on Marble Countertops

You can buy sealant products that will protect the marble countertops, but you will need to reapply this substance at least once a year. The application of liquid sealants is a difficult process, so you may want to hire an expert for this job.

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